This blog is for fun and to help my fading memory.I write these stories down strictly for entertainment value and as a bit of an outdoor journal for myself.I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is the first post on the new blog.New in the sense that this is a cross over blog from here http://tugboatdude.blogspot.com/ .I ran the blog tugboatdude and I believe I have succeeded in what i intended to do from the start.I wanted to share a few work stories mixed in with a few outdoors stories.Unfortunately the outdoors stories took control and tugboatdude the blog has been mainly an outdoors blog for quite some time.So I decided to start a brand new blog,Keeping it Rural,which is what I intend to do.I find myself spending more and more time outdoors,pushing myself to the limit.This of course leads to some exciting,in my eyes,outdoors stories which I would love to share.So if you have a minute check out tugboatdude and follow along as Keeping it Rural takes shape in the next few months.Thanks for your time and enjoy the weather no matter where you are.

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